B.tech Aerospace Engineering


AEROSPACE Engineering is four years under graduate degree program. It’s spread over eight semesters. During this period students will have theoretical and practical classes along with internships at the end of each academic year.


Passed the 10+2 examination from a board recognized or established by central/state government through a legislation with Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects along with one of the following subjects: Chemistry / Biotechnology / Computer Science / Biology / Technical Vocational Subject
Passed diploma in any Engineering Trade from Punjab State Board of Technical Education & lndustrial Training, Chandigarh or Sant Longowal lnstitute of Engineering and Technology, Longowal (SLIET), or any such examination from any other recognized State Board of Technical Education.

Syllabus for AEROSPACE Engineering

Syllabus for AEROSPACE Engineering comprises of 5-6 subjects in each semester. The AEROSPACE syllabus will be conducted semester wise, there is a total of 8 semesters in the course.

AEROSPACE Engineering Fees

Semester Tuition Fee per semester Development Fund Student Fund Security (Refundable) Other Charges fee Exam fee Admission Processing fee Registration fee Total Fee
1st 30000 6500 2750 5000 1600 1000 2000 500 49350
2nd 30000 6500 2750 1000 40250
3rd 30000 6500 2750 1000 500 40250
4th 30000 6500 2750 1000 40250
5th 30000 6500 2750 1000 500 40250
6th 30000 6500 2750 1000 40250
7th 30000 6500 2750 1000 500 40250
8th 30000 6500 2750 1000 40250


An Aerospace Engineer can work in both government & private sectors. There are so many job opportunities for aerospace engineers in India as well as abroad.

An Aerospace Engineer design, develops, researches, test and maintains the performance of rockets, military & civil aircraft, missiles, weapons systems, satellites, etc.

Major Job opportunities for Aerospace Engineers are available in Air Force, Airlines, Corporate Research Companies, Helicopter Companies, Defence Ministry, Aviation Companies, NASA, Flying clubs, Aeronautical Laboratories, Aircraft manufacturers, government owned air services and many others.

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